Message from the President & C.E.O

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the “AG” family. Twenty five years ago, modern business practice and theories were introduced to the Middle East and Africa from the western world. This policy shifted from the traditional centrally planned economies to a more market oriented system. This shift has positioned Africa as one of the world largest economies (measured on a purchase power parity basis) with its new systems in place. Africa could surpass the rest of the world as the Leading economic power in the world based on their natural resources within the next decade.

As a corporate body, “AG” Is an enterprise company that will serve as a bridge to connect mid-cap to major companies to enter into the ever growing world market and also serve as business consultants to world based companies that wish to enter the Africa and United States markets.

Collectively “AG” partners group have over 60 years of experience in business in world markets. In both the domestic front and globally, we have developed partnerships with political figures and business executives in all arenas of business from Trading, Entertainment, Sports to Manufacturing.

We welcome the opportunity to create a lasting relationship with you and your company.

All the Best,

President & C.E.O



“AG” enterprise offers individual companies government institutions and non-government organizations (NGO’S) reliable, high quality and cost effective partnerships and consulting service. Our services include business development, market entry, market intelligence, industrial sector and channel development on a global scale, with specific focus on the (BRICS) “Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa” and United States Markets.

With much experience in the business field “AG” allow partners and clients to choose their preferred benefit(s). These include our services:

  • Partnership Development
  • Project Consulting
  • Retainer Consulting
  • Market Entry Analysis
  • Strategic  Analysis
  • Market Research and Industry Sector Analysis
  • Import/Export Development
  • Business and Product INFO Research
  • Foreign Travel  Facilitation
  • Sports Related Project Development
  • Sales Development
  • Commodity Development
  • Commodity Strategic Partnerships
  • Entertainment Related Project Development
  • Global Investment Opportunities
  • Global Health and Wellness Development