Abusuan Group “AG” has through PRESIDENT & CEO A.T. KING NAT JR established relationships and direct contacts to Mineral opportunities on the continent of Africa.  We  “AG”  can help  resource Joint Ventures to complete Minerals Rights  Sale Opportunities, Mining Rights Licenses, Prospecting Rights Licenses, Exploration Rights Licenses and Concessions. With access to selected commodities through years of direct contacts and alliances. We can help create  an immediate dialog for dealing with direct mandates with select commodities.


Abusuan entertainment & trading group international will become one of the world’s leaders in fair trade products, through the vision of the founders and their specific humanitarian backgrounds. Abusuan will create private label health and organic products that will enhance the communities by building schools, medical centers, hospitals and community centers etc…

Through Abusuan’s fair trade private label products, a portion of the proceeds will go in the further help communities with infrastructure, sports and education; to name a few. As they grow, they will also create manufacturing compounds in designated specific regions in need of employment of locals and to create a new economy.

It is very exciting to see the world without boarders which is the philosophy of Abusuan international trading group.


Our unique collection of different industries and years of relationship makes “AG” one of the most unique diverse global companies.  “AG” has a market cap advantage not only with attaining the right products, but also with getting the best prices and profitable margins that work for all. Also the great advantage is AG’s facilitation and positioning of their relationship and resources. It creates an environment for long term business. As the AG founding partners say; “the global market is ready for the new way of business through foundations built for years”, which creates and garners long term relationships based on integrity & trust.

It has been AG’s greatest asset that they have aligned with the most mineral rich continents in the world; Africa, Brazil & Australia which in term has created a global market advantage to potential buyers through direct mandates & principals which creates a win-win for all parties involved

Information and pricing for our products will be available to all interested & pre-qualified entities.